Welcome to the FAQ Section of the site!

Here you will find some of the most commonly asked questions that we find in our inbox that is why it is called the FAQ Section (frequently asked questions). Below you will see the question followed by the answer. Please be aware that not all the questions we get asked can feature on here or the list would be endless.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, then please do not hesitate to contact us via the form and we will reply directly within 48 hours usually.

Why is the information we offer free?

We offer free advice and information due to the gap in the market. We have conducted countless hours of research and we cannot find another site that aims to provide what we do for free. A lot of the companies we found where linked to big chains and manufactures which means the advice and recommendations are mostly biased. So, we decided to provide the internet with a free and reliable source of information when it comes to POS and other related items.

How long has the site been running?

We have been running this site for just under a year and the feedback we have received is great, our readers are enthusiastic and love to offer new topics for us to explore.

How do we know so much about POS systems?

Well, now there is a few site admins and we all contribute to the site in our free time. Each of us has had or still works in the POS industry so we really know the business and products. This helps us give real and useful information.

Is it worth getting top spec POS?

This really depends on your business type, size and budget. For small to mid sized businesses we would recommend maybe skipping the top spec equipment for a while as you will not use the features available. We recommend looking for something in the mid-high range as these systems are usually the best bang for buck.

So there are a few questions that we receive regularly. We hope that this was of some help but if you still need to find an answer to your question then please can you use the form on this page and let us try and help.