We are an online advice hub that provides free information regarding POS systems and other related products such as receipt and label printers. During our research of the market we found that there is not many sites that provide free and unbiased information regarding POS. They all seem to be tied to a specific manufacturer. We are not like this, we work independently to give the business world the cleanest and most trustworthy advice available.

We do not hide our advice behind a paywall either which many sites do, we do not accept any payment or donations from readers as that is not why we are active. Many business owners are investing in the wrong POS equipment due to greedy salesmen who only want to make the biggest chunk of commission or have been told by a higher member of staff to try and sell only specific products.

In our opinion that is un-ethical as these companies should be helping other businesses to find the perfect solution for them. POS systems are often costly investments as they can include many add-ons such as cash drawers and barcode scanners, we have found a site that stocks all of the products you need whilst keeping the prices at a fair state.

Also, whilst conducting re-search we found that YPOS, was a very helpful company and was doing the best they can to find the best solution for us. We went undercover as a customer and tested various sites and the result was that YPOS was the most forward and helpful.

Other companies that are now ties to manufactures are claiming to be specialist, but they do not tell the customer obviously that they are tasked with certain branded products.

We would recommend checking Lesar out as they have a wide range of fantastic equipment at competitive prices such as printers and more. If you would like to know more about the site and what we offer then do not hesitate to check out our about page here.